Why work for Prompt?

BIG Challenges: Here at Prompt, we are solving complex and unique problems that have plagued the healthcare industry since the dawn of time.

Talented People: Prompt didn't happen by chance, it's a team of incredibly talented and proven individuals who all made their mark before joining forces to build the greatest EMR on the planet for physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

Healthy Approach: This isn't an investment bank, we work long hours when it's needed, but at Prompt you own your workload and the entire organization takes a liking to smart work (over hard work).

Environmentally Friendly: We are converting medical practices around the country into paperless operations, we aren't enthralled with patting ourselves on the back everyday, but it does feel good :)


  • Do I have to come to an office to do a job that is accomplished on a computer? No. This is a 100% remote position. Wear sweatpants, put your feet up, listen to Kanye, whatever you fancy is what you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.
  • Will I be working under a non-technical, slightly irritating "product manager"? No. Prompt has a flat management style and the only people you are working with are highly skilled and proven engineers.
  • Do I have to install a time tracker on my computer because you do not trust my work ethic? No. Prompt employees work around east coast business hours in order to promote clear communication. You’d be expected to do the same within reason (and without time trackers). We are flexible and and prioritize actual output over how long something took.
  • Will I be working on tedious projects that never make it to production? No. We don't have time to waste, your work in the first month here will be in the product, we 100% guarantee it.
  • Will the hiring process be dragged out? No. You will hear back quickly and we have a two day interviewing process, with both days being within a week of each other (or at your convenience). We know you are busy.
  • Is Prompt growing quickly? YES! Prompt grew 1600% in 2020 and we are on track to grow exponentially again this year.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive Salaries and Equity Compensation in the form of Stock Options
  • 401k and Health Insurance Benefits
  • PTO

The Stack and Requests

  • Please have a working knowledge of PHP, Laravel, Vue.JS and MySQL or any equivalent (Ruby, Nody.JS, React, Angular, Ember, Postgres, MSSQL, etc)
  • Please only apply if you are interested in a heavy code contribution role as we are not looking for engineering managers
  • Please only apply if you are a ready to kick *** in a Senior Engineering position, we are looking for 5-7+ years of experience

Company Background

  • Prompt Therapy Solutions, Inc. creates an enterprise software solution for the physical, occupational, and speech therapy and the medical billing industry. Our software fully integrates all aspects of the rehabilitative therapy industry into one easy-to-use, modern platform that is enabling clinics to become more profitable, more productive, more sustainable and improve patient care.
  • Website: www.promptemr.com

Let us know

  1. If you have any questions please reach out and we will get back to you personally
  2. We aimed to keep this posting very concise with valuable information front and center to be respectful of your time. If we missed the mark, let us know

Prompt Therapy Solutions, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.